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The Connecticut Local Music Scene is filled with incredible talent with a great variety of sounds and styles!

Local talent needs exposure and promotion to be heard by music fans, locally, nationally, and worldwide.

CTLocalMusic.com invites you to help us support local Connecticut music
-join us at one of our LIVE Music Events, and VOTE for your favorite music each month in the Local Music Spotlight.

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Infinity Project

Infinity Project CT Local Music in CT Connecticut

The band Infinity Project consists of Jeremy Royka on lead guitar, Rob Granoth on drums, and Mike Gendreau on bass guitar.  Jeremy and Rob split lead vocals, while Mike sings background vocals.  All 3 members attend RVP Studios music school in West Haven, CT.

          Jeremy is 14 years old, lives in East Haven, CT, and attends East Haven High School.  He has been playing guitar for 7 years, Rob is 15 years old, lives in West Haven, CT, and attends Notre Dame High School of West Haven.  He has been playing drums for 7 years. Mike is 15 years old, lives in Milford, CT, and attends Platt Technical High School.  He has been playing bass for 5 years.

The group was formed in January of 2010; they play both cover and original rock music. Some of their influences include Rush, Dream Theater,
Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, The Foo Fighters, Green Day, and many others.

The band recently recorded a 4-song demo CD and has performed at many shows,
most recently at the Savin Rock Festival and a fundraiser for the Anthony Crouse Music Scholarship. Visit www.infinityprojectrocks.com

Infinity Project
Shade of Red

Burn Lexington

Eight n' Up CT Local Music Spotlight Contest CT Connecticut

At a time where bands in the scene seem to sound all the same, Burn Lexington emerges with a different style full of hard hitting breakdowns, soaring choruses, and technical guitar work.

With all members coming from different bands and genres (Atheria, Surrender The Dance Floor, and The Daylight Agency just to name a few)
they have emerged together with a confident and professional outlook to reach the ears of as many people as possible.

Check out their debut EP, In The Heart Of The Sea coming soon!

Burn Lexington
Blondie Final


Redirect at the CT Local Music Fest with Burn Lexington at Nomads South Windsor CT Connecticut

Redirect is a New England rock band featuring a triple threat onslaught of explosive guitar, bass and drum work in addition to the fierce vocal ability of the band's frontwoman. Unified by a strong dedication to songcraft and performance, Redirect offers music lovers something fresh yet not entirely unfamiliar.

Consisting of four musicians who share a diverse palette of styles and influences, the band delivers aggressive yet sophisticated riffs, rhythms and rhymes with a good dose of rock for what ails ya.



Congratulations to the Last Month's Local Music Spotlight Winner  

Eight n' Up     

Eight n' Up

Eight n' Up CT Local Music Spotlight Contest CT Connecticut

Eight n' Up is an original rock band consisting of Andrew O'Hazo, Marion Szarzynski, John Ryan, Rob Szabo, Franklin Schwartz,
Jay Poitras and Ted Yakush.

Eight n' Up has released their first disc "Rock by Numbers" and celebrated that release at the Red Door Cafe in Watertown, Ct
to a packed crowd on 10/9/2010

The music on the disc has been creating a buzz from fans of the band, local press, and well established long term music industry players.

Visit www.ctrockband.com

Eight n' Up
Hey Hey Todays The Day
Nov 16 2009
Special Guest:
July 19 2009
Special Guest:
May 18 2009
Special Guest:
April 27 2009
Special Guest:
April 20 2009
Special Guest:
March 30 2009
Special Guest:
March 23 2009
Special Guest:
Jan 12 2009
Special Guest:


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